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A collaborative mapping project exploring citizens interaction with the City of Sunderland.

Your Challenge ..
Use your own personal observations and ‘data’ collection activities to develop creative data visualisations which provide a new perspectives on the city of Sunderland.

Activities ..
This project is can be taken in many different directions. The important thing is that you explore and examine the spaces within the city - developing new perspectives and approaches to the way that it is traditionally viewed. Decide on a single concept or theme and then use your time to collect detailed data around this theme.
The theme could be focus on the physical, social or environmental spaces within the city. You could, for example, map the green spaces in the city, the types of graffiti, quiet or lively areas, colours, smells or sounds.  Each of these would produce quite different new visual maps and visualisations of the city.

Process .. 

Develop a concept and carefully consider, observe and collect your data.

Observe : Explore and examine the city from a range of different perspectives.

Develop : Identify a specific theme which forms the focus of your data collection activity (e.g. colour, movement, transport)

Collect : spend time visiting and re-visit the spaces and routes. Chart, map, collect. Develop a data set.

Interpret: Explore the data in more detail, develop visual themes and ideas for the visual interpretation of your idea.

The outcome should be your own comprehensive ‘data set’ - maps, diagrams or notes (digital or analogue). These can be used at the data hack events - where you can further explore ways of transforming the data into digital or physical objects, graphics or prototypes.

Example Themes .. 

Typography • Transportation • Social interaction • Conversations • Sounds • Colours • Smells • Social Media • Social Spaces • Natural Spaces

Key Milestones

Project Briefing: 20.02.18
Creative Fuse MidPoint Presentation  
Mapping Event at the Bridges:
18 & 19 May 18 - To be confirmed 
Data Hack 1: 25.05.18 - FabLab 
Data Hack 2: 08.06.18 - FabLab 

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