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The 'Flow' project. A data visualistaion project about how people travel into the City of Sunderland.

Overview ..
Using open source traffic data this project will explore ways of visualising how people move in and out of the City of Sunderland.

Activities ..
The project will explore new possibilities for Data-Driven Animation.
Some new methods have only recently been released and the project is therefore essentially experimental.   It will explore methods to take existing Data, write expressions to input this into motion graphic software and design alternative visual representations to display this data.
This will then be output as a series of motion graphics - also possibly some static 'generated' print outcomes. These motion graphics will then be displayed, and appropriate channels / locations sought.

Process .. 

The data set has been identified and is freely available. This is of considerable size therefore a specific range will be honed; initially focusing upon Queen Alexandra Bridge.
This data will be converted into a format which can then be ingested into motion graphic software.

A range of designs will be produced explore alternative ways of visualising the data, 'Expressions' will be written whereby the data then generates the animation from the designs.
The project/ process will be disseminated through the planned events at FabLab , where participants will be invited to use the resources to generate their own solutions/ designs.  Note: the necessary resources will be published beforehand on the project website.

Touch points /

Traffic • Transportation • Data Visualisation • Infographics

Key Milestones

Creative Fuse MidPoint Presentation
Mapping Event at the Bridges:
18 & 19 May 18 - To be confirmed.
Data Hack 1: 25.05.18 - FabLab
Data Hack 2: 08.06.18 - FabLab

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