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dataLabs / mapping the city

Create new data visualisations of the city of Sunderland.

Sunderland Data Labs is a research project which brings together creative mapping activities with design, visualisation (‘data lab’), events to explore fresh ways to collect, visualise, and share the experiences and environments of individuals and communities within and around the city.

The project aims to develop new representations of the ‘experiential city’ and create ideas and prototypes to re-connect people within city centre spaces.

It has three main phases of activity:

  1. Collect / Community mapping activities to collect experiential data from a range individuals and communities.
  2. Analyse / Collaborative multi-disciplinary maker ‘data lab’ activities for creative visual analysis of data.
  3. Visualise / Design and technology ‘datalab’ maker workshops to innovate, prototype and test methods for visualizing, dissemination of data and sharing findings back with the city communities.

Data Workshops

Following the initial data collection activities a series of follow up ‘making with data’ (data hack / data workshop) events will be used to creatively work with the data.
Based at Fab Lab, these will be will be multidisciplinary events bringing together artists, designers, and city users to explore creative, visual ways for gathering sorting and visualising the different types of data which have been captured from around the city.


Innovative prototypes and ideas will be presented to the Sunderland BID who are can invest resources into developing and realising the best of the ideas.

Outcomes and prototypes from the project will be presented at a public exhibition at the end of the project.

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